Rules ~ from the Vice Captain

"Playing by the rules is your responsibility

and it’s your obligation to protect the field from rules abuse"    

Many members and golfers probably don’t realise that there are only 34 rules of golf.  (however, it can be further complicated as each rule has some 2~7 “sub rules”).  There is also a book of "decisions" to help interpret the rules or specific situations which numbers in the hundreds.

Certain "Conditions of Competition Play" can also be stipulated to apply during any particular competition.  Local Rules too, can be applied to protect the course, especially when weather or works have caused damage.  These rules are generally of a temporary nature; we should take notice of information displayed in pro-shop or notice board (reference to GUR or Preffered lies are two examples).

We are introducing a regular rule comment, generally with a Bonnie Doon relevance, just to refresh our member’s knowledge; why so you ask, mainly because week in week out rules are broken and misinterpreted during our competitions, disadvantaging the competition “field”.  Knowing your rules can actually help you score better.  Please remember some rules are simple, others a little more complex.  In our weekly publication we will try and keep things simple.

Christine Alexander